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Today I finished the biography I have been working on for some time, leaving Mr. Wesley in disgrace, fleeing Georgia under grand jury investigation. I had a lovely telephone chat with my sister. Then I headed off to the office.

I stopped off for pho and shrimp spring rolls on my way to work. Then I spent time in my office, getting things done. On my way up Jupiter Road, I stopped in Vikon Village, a local "indoor flea market". I bought an African drum and Chinese bells, as well as a paperback sci fi and a 3 dollar vintage novel from an earlier era.

I stopped at Renner Road's Spring Creek Trail, a riparian wooded trail in Richardson. As I have little or no natural sense of direction, I found myself a bit astray as darkness fell. I saw numerous rabbits, and a huge blue heron, who kept huffily leaving each time I walked in his part of the creek area. When darkness fell, an owl said "hooo! hooo!".

We ate lamb chops for dinner and watched a very fine movie called "mind the gap". I then did more work, and then remixed a song to feature a dance beat and coyotes and crickets-morphed-to-sound-like-rabbits, as well as a stray minor piano line morphed into sometihng else. I posted the result on the mixing site,

Then I came here to upload a picture from Thanksgiving, and this post resulted.

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