Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

The Spiral Wrench of Avarice

I like Darkwinter Records. They release albums by artists who work in the area of dark ambient music, which refers not to the interior designs of subterranean creatures, but to the use of non-traditional melody structures and sounds in the creation of music.

Darkwinter releases some really cool stuff. In September, they announced a remix contest. They posted loops and sounds by their artists, which entrants could use to remix into new pieces.

I downloaded a number of their samples. I also had a sample I had made of a wrench-o-phone, which is a kind of xylophone of different sizes of wrenches.

I created a piece called "The Spiral Wrench of Avarice". It's a bit noisy, but I rather like it. I hope it's not a wrenching experience.

Today I learned that my work got released on a compilation of the entrants to the contest. It's great fun to have something released on darkwinter, a record label I respect.

If you'd like to hear "The Spiral Wrench of Avarice", in all its noisy wrench-stomp glory, then simply go here and find it on Volume II of the compilation:

From a Darkened Pool

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