Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

decorated in finery

I took a subdued delight in my clothes today. For church, I chose a dark sport coat, a red short-sleeved shirt, and a print tie with green and black drawings of stegosaurus on them. Today's scriptural verse: "make a joyful noise unto the Lord". I thought to myself how I got the "loud" component of noise down pat, and am making a solid down payment on the "joyful" thing.

My picture hosting service sent me one of those e mails that alerted me that I could review counters of who had viewed my various hosted pictures. The winning picture, by a sheer landslide, was the Ford Crown Victoria which I sold after allowing its engine to become ruined. One thousand three hundred people viewed this picture, after I wrote advertising copy which denigrated the car. While the ad ran, strangers wrote me e-mail to tell me how much they liked the honesty of an advertisement that admitted that the car was a perfect storm of ruin.

I have a cousin who is a buff of vintage "boat" cars--old Cadillacs, Galaxie 500s, and the like. For some years, he maintained a used car dealer's license so that he could pursue not only acquisition but sales in a strictly licensed way. I'd love to have a used car dealer's license, too. I'd drive out to the remote countryside, where December features hand-printed signs offering cedar trees for yuletide decoration, and
unexpected wonders of automotive non-excellence sit available for a few hundred dollars. I'd love to buy low, sell high, and always sell with honesty and integrity. I would delight in writing advertisements which
laud the flaws in each vehicle. If I met an artist, I've have the car decorated, and split the proceeds. I'd never tote notes, or otherwise do heavy lifting. I'd just be wild and free, a mercantile hobbyist, trying to make each eBay advertisement more outrageous than the prior one.

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