Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

tapered or blocked

I have been visiting barber shops since I was 4 or so. But they still ask me questions about things that I have no idea what they are really asking. I landed in Los Angeles yesterday and had time to get a cut in the late afternoon. I enjoyed how 'sport cuts' on the border of Inglewood and Westchester had a big screen TV playing some guy explaining in Spanish (which I don't really speak, but can extrapolate a bit) how his music was part rock, part jazz and part traditional Columbian, but the actual video was soft latin dance pop. Then the barber asked me if I wanted the back tapered or blocked. I said "tapered", and then hoped I had not asked for contoured letters. It was like this when I was a child, when I would always say "thin it out", thinking that didn't mean to cut much,but it actually means to leave as little hair standing as possible.

I kept trying to remember who was playing the Hard Rock Cafe that I intended to see, but then I fell asleep at 8 p.m., simplifying matters.

LAX airport walking is not the most comfortable way to break in new dress shoes.

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