Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

built-in marshmallows

I like those brands of hot chocolate which come with the marshmallows already in them. I liked even better when my mother would pre-make a hot chocolate mix, complete with miniature marshmallows. Although I usually remember my mother most for her gift of conversation, hot chocolate and a daily loaf of home-made bread from a 19th Century yeast starter also come to my mind today.

We're in that wonderful Fall season now, when days start out quite cold, but afternoons turn entirely pleasant.
Our area remains in drought condition even after a rainstorm Monday--Sunday I drove over a huge bridge over Lake Lavon, only to find the lake had receded so that the bridge in effect crossed not troubled waters but only troubled dry lake bed.

My experiments in self-promotion continue as to my musical CD. I have had 110 people download it thus far, after a kind note posted by a couple of fellows on my favorite ambient music message board increased the downloads a fair bit. Today I launched an eBay ad, to let people who, like me, prefer tangible disks to downloads, to buy a copy for a penny.

Because I had a few dozen of my Christmas kazoo CD left from last year, I sold it on eBay, too. Thus far, each sale has netted bidders, which is a gratifying confirmation for me that I can write silly ad copy.

My experiments in home recording yesterday fell flat, when I could not get my sound levels right in an effort to transpose a nifty organ piece onto a wav line for use in my synthesizer. The speaker sound would be sweet and pure, but despite substantial virtual knob twiddling, the recorded version would be all red-lined buzzy. Perhaps tonight I'll sample and synthesize that cool gourd kalimba I bought a couple of weeks back. I have in mind that it can be a source of lovely ambient drones, once I have morphed its pitch down a bit.

I've let my chess club lie fallow, a bit, and therefore this week I'm going to arrange my next tournament. A call to the library, an ad in Chess Life, and a note to the kind people at the Dallas Chess Club website, and I'll be in business. I think that the next tournament may be a blitz tournament, or game/10.

It's already Wednesday, which surprises me a bit, but time does fly when one is basically busy. I loved having my nephew in town last weekend, but I have to admit that a weekend of fishing in chilly weather rather tired me more than rested me. By Sunday afternoon, I was reduced to that most pond-slug of activities, watching football games on television. A part of me suggests to myself that we could have watched a Wallace and Gromit movie instead.

I've been reading a book I bought for 5 dollars on eBay about how to make kites. It's quite a good book, and fortunately most of the kites are in the "slice a piece of paper this way" tradition rather than in the "buy balsamic ironwood from a tree found only in remote areas of Peru and slice it carefully with a three thousand dollar diamond keysaw" tradition. I am of the school that prefers hymns to be sung in unison, software to have large well-worded buttons for each task it is supposed to do, and for every construct to be no more difficult to assemble than a tinkertoy. I love the colorful pictures in the book, and want to read up in every famous kite maker in history. I have a new ambition--to attend a kite festival in our area.

I mistook a livejournal friend's picture of a pug for a kitten. I am getting older.

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