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"His faith perhaps in some nice tenents might
Be wrong; his life, I'm sure, was in the right".--Abraham Cowley

This week proves as busy as last week, while last week proved at least the equal of the week before it. The crisp dawn air when I leave for work each morning fills me with joy. Perhaps I'll move my butterfly collection from myu father's house to my house. My wife's mother grew up in Colombia. The radio programming is on indictment watch.

When I was in high school, I went to science camp one Summer. I was roughly 15, between my sophomore and junior years. The camp counselor was a physics teacher from a Little Rock high school. All of the campers stayed in dorms at the university. The camp counselor hypnotized people to take them to their past lives, which, as often is the case with such demonstrations, involved fantastic coincidences. One camper turned out to be the prison guard of another camper with whom he was hypnotized.

I think I was a bit bratty in those days. I met that teacher, years later, when I was nearly through college. I realized then how intensely he disliked what he remembered of me. Yet he was not a bad guy, for all that. I rather wish I had let him hypnotize me. I was not a bad guy for all that, either. I was merely an ordinary kid.

I saw a hypnosis session in which the subject went to a great library of all knowledge in Atlantis, under the sea as surely as any Disney-hip-and-sassy-finger-snapping lobster. When he reached the library, he found that powerful magical seals barred his entry. I had this fantasy that if I were hypnotized, I would seize control from the hypnotist, and fly in my mind to places as surely as teleporting might work. I cannot imagine that I would be barred from any Mu mountains of wisdom, or that any star is too far to visit in my fantasy. I used to love self-hypnosis for that reason that one could in such meditations find altered ways of experiencing things in one's own imagination.

Years later, when I was grown, I got a referral to a hypnotist after I expressed an interest in following up a weight loss with an increase in personal organization. The hypnotist was into neuro-linguistic programming, which is not something I am into at all. I do like the way the phrase rolls off my tongue. But he was a certified kinda guy, so I don't want to judge him based on the name-dropped phrase.

Rather than being the kind of free spirit that seizes control from the control and visits the Alpha Centauri within my mind, I turned out to be the kind of hypnosis subject who goes in light and feels mostly a little muzzy about the whole thing. I have never smoked marijuana, but it all worked kind of like those folks who report that cannabis use merely makes their head feel cobwebby.

But in my conscious imagination, I can seize control, and go to fantasy places of knowledge. I can experience past lives I do not believe I even had. I can go to places I don't believe in. I can discover arcane sciences I cannot imagine. I can also shift out of that gear, and back into the gear before me, in which I get things done I need to do, and look on the ideas and notions of others with kindness and high regard.

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