Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

cheerful cormorants

Last night we drove the distance from Texas to Arkansas. We listened to "World Cafe" on Red River Radio, with Death Cab for Cutie playing a live set.

This morning we went with my father for early tea at a friend of his' home--fresh fruit, green tea, and huge Japanese maples in stone containers.

This afternoon we went to hike at White Oak Lake. The lake is really down, with lots of places that are normally watery now dry lake bed. We heard a riot of bird happiness, and looked through thick pine trees to see dozens of cormorants sunning themselves, flapping their wings dry (cormorants do not have waterproof wings), and diving for more fish.

This evening we went to the Sand Bar Cafe, which I had grilled mahi mahi and a dry baked potato, as well as a scrumptious vegetable soup.

We're waiting for news even as I type, as we expect a niece soon, and have all the anticipation and thoughts that accompany such times.

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