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I hate it when I misconfigure a poll, so I fixed the misconfigure! if you already entered your address, then I've got your address recorded, and you'll get the mailing. If not, the poll is now fixed for your anonymous ease of use.

I have had a spotty record with mailings in the past few months. It all began in earnest when we went to Sanibel Island last May, and I was going to mail sea shells to people. I found that figuring out a simple way to mail sea shells proved more intricate than I originally figured. Then, when I located the "right boxing" for this prize fight of a mailing, I ran into a series of "can't seem to make myself get to the post office" procrastination blues not customary to me. This effect then extended to (a) a poetry booklet I am supposed to mail but have not; (b) some cool value software I was supposed to mail but have not (c) a cool thing that you use for crafting I was supposed to mail but have not, for the simple reason that I misplaced the box it was placed in for safekeeping; and (d) last but not least, a set of bongo drums I promised to mail but have not.

I dislike being a flibbertigibet, and failing to mail out promised items is a definite sign of flibbertigibetty behavior. I do not pretend to be alone in my vice, as I am reasonably confident that if my mind worked that way, I could tote up a dozen or two things people were going to mail me but did not.

This past weekend, despite a horrendous work schedule to lead up to an arduous LA-and-Houston-three-hearings-in-three-days travel agenda (just completed), I finally mailed some sea shells. I take this as a harbinger of hope, a great crazyquilt of promise as yet unfulfilled but brimming, rather like the odd girls in this Edna O'Brien trilogy of novels I'm reading who make every mistake possible but somehow seem redeemable and redeemed anyway, grace amid dysfunction, chalk making printed letters as well as dust.

I expand on this bold beginning. I will mail more shells. I will mail other things. I will find things lost. I will save things unsaved. I will locate, box, store, pacakage, mail and stamp. If I have to, I can do anything, said Helen Reddy, in the song, and although my point is altogether a different one, I stand ready to stand and deliver.

Today's mail brought 100 copies of my CD, "Eerie Exchange Prairie Park", with a hip flower picture and song titles on it, ready to distribution. It's been available for free download at since
last month, and 99 people so far have downloaded it, which is all well and good but not 100. Yet a few of you (and a few not you) mentioned to me that the vagaries of dial-up or just the sheer desire to have a disk or
just general whateverness caused you to wish to have an actual breathing, living CD, as drippy and alive as Stalacmite.

I live to serve.

Thus, I offer this poll, not with the promise that you *will* get the CD if you fill it out, but that the odds are *very,very,very* good that I will mail it out as hoped, and that if you don't, it won't be because of you or any individual yous, at all, but only because I am mailing sea shells from May. You see, this has been a curious and odd year or two, and this Summer I even tried a dose of drama on LJ (found it not my size), and I'm still in some ways on the beach in Sanibel, although in fact the pictures from that trip actually made me determined that many fewer pounds of me would ever grace any beach ever again.

About the CD? Well, I burned a copy for myself over the weekend and listened to it on the plane, along with this great CD by an Italian ambient artist I intend to review. I found my own CD interesting but quite odd, as if someone besides me put it together, although I remember that in fact it was my own work. I've gotten it played on an internet radio station, won the most minor of awards on with it, and charted in a sub-chart for noise on with it.

Howdy Doody's operative phrase? "Acquired taste".

One song is being reviewed on even as we speak. The principal review? "Spooky". Darn.
I was hoping for "Eerie".

I don't know if you will like it. You may well not. But would you like it?

Don't worry about postage or mailing or cost or what have you. It's free, and it's for you, if you want it.
If you're rather just hear it, go to If you'd rather not hear it at all, believe me,
I take neither umbrage nor undue worry about such things.

So, here goes. Want to play where the oddmusic kids play? leave your address below (if you already left it in the prior version of the post, I have it already)

Would you like a CD?

Would you like to make a gratuitious comment?


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