Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

walk and art walk

I worked Saturday morning and into mid-afternoon on Saturday. Then we went to Fishmongers' seafood place in Plano, where they grilled us up skewers of shrimp and scallops, a tilapia, and healthy grilled vegetables.

We drove to Fairview, just north of our home town, where we went to the Heard Museum nature center, where we are members. We enjoyed seeing the native Texas garden in bloom--huge bumblebees on red boxy flowers we thought were "turk's cap columbine". We hiked the trails, while huge crows called overhead, walked past fields of yellow Fall weedflowers, and saw a bluegill fish suspended in mid-water in the small pond.

We drove a few miles up the road to McKinney, which was hosting an Art Walk in its quaint downtown "Texas square" style shopping area. Some artists displayed Texas scenes, some New Orleans scenes, and some scenes of vivid abstraction. We did not buy any art from street painters, nor did we have our faces painted, although I was tempted when I saw that the face painter not only sold cool abstract paintings but also wore a hip tie-dye shirt and had his own face painted.

We did stop at two stores I had not visited before yesterday. One was a new outlet of our favorite "retail import" store, whose other outlet in Plano we visit often. They're run by two Turkish-American brothers, who assemble numerous fascinating inexpensive things from Turkey, Europe and the far east, all for sale at prices that would make Pier One blush with envy. I bought a gourd kalimba there and a CD of American folk music. Then we went to a toystore that doubles as a fireman's supply store. I bought there some knock-offs of tinkertoys for my own tinker-toy building amusement (under the guise of having something toddlers can play with when we have toddler visitors), while my wife bought a niece and a niece-in-inception things to adore.

We stopped in another store, which had a bright, hand-done quilit at an outrageously low price, which we bought. My theory is that this Winter we will turn the heat way down, and put on sweaters, quilts, and warm good moods.

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