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flour tortillas, too many mussels, and half a bread pudding

Today I had good news and less good news. The good news is that my song "Bluestem Night", off my new album, "Eerie Exchange Prairie Park", is featured on this week's edition of Amoeba Goo Radio, the second time that internet radio station has been kind enough to play my rather idiosyncratic songs. My "download count" is up over eighty now, which pleases me, while being short of my ultimate goal.

On the "less good" side, I gained weight this week at a rather unfortunate clip. I suppose the two trips to El Pollo Loco in California, coupled with a feast at an Italian restaurant last night, more than offset my stepped-up exercise. I began by being quite frustrated about this, in the vein of "all the things normal people get to do I don't get to do, like have half a bread pudding", but now I am back in a more workable frame of mind, saving my mental aggressions for this pleasant metal song playing right after my song on Amoeba Goo Radio.

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