Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

List of things about which I have nothing witty to say

1. Harriet Miers
2. and getting a "removed for spam" e mail
3. The New York Yankees
4. 85 degree October days
5. waiting a long time at a fast food restaurant
6. a craving for spring rolls in really chilled rice paper
7. download counts which pleasingly rise but unpleasingly do not rise quickly enough
8. batting averages referring to things other than baseball
9. sports journalists
10. the lack of Adobe Photoshop, and the inability to figure out which 10 dollar value software does the same thing
11. list prices on software
12. work
13. raisin bran
14. virtual instruments
15. for want of a good book, a chance to read was lost
16. little nearly calorie-free bites of a sweet but low-fat thing
17., and the way the interface makes a clacking sound when you take a pawn
18. going to an AOL chat room, to say "hi" to a friend, and then by the time you get into the chat room,you find the friend has departed
19. Mr. Ford's welcome statement about going hybrid with the cars
20. FEMA

If only I were a folk singer. I would have more to say.
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