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geese ducking

Today we went to the Towne Lake Park in McKinney. Dozens upon dozens of ducks and geese swam in one area, diving down in search of food.

I seem to have hit a plateau in my eating program, as for the second week in a row, I failed to lose any weight.
Last week I did not exercise enough and I ate a bit much. This week I ate properly, but did not exercise enough.
They're not difficult to decipher, these mild stumbling blocks, so that I remain optimistic.

I started my year wishing to lose 12 pounds. I've done a bit better than that. But I want to finish my year losing another 12 pounds, as the number has a kind of symmetry for me due to the earlier goal.

We ate pho for lunch as Noodle Garden. I seem to have pho often lately. It's a comfort food, in its own way.

We got no rain, and the heat today swelled. I watched the second half of the football game involving the Dallas Cowboys. The day passed quietly, as will the evening.

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