Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

after we were unaffected

"I'm acutely aware of being involved in something that ought to be making more of a difference than it is. But art has not ceased to affect us; it's just that the process we call art is happening elsewhere, in areas that might be called by other names. I always think of medieval heraldry: so intensely relevant for hundreds of years, and now a total mystery to nearly all of us. The traditional sites for art activity seem to be losing their power, while new sites for art are becoming powerful. We have been looking for art in the wrong places".
--Brian Eno

Today I am all about work, exercise, and a good dinner with my wife and my brother's family. The sky is overcast, but no rain falls. I think about folks in south Texas, and wait the day or two it will take to see how badly this storm impacts them and us all.

I've been listening to new music on the radio station, which always delights. I also found a free- to-download minimalist melodic electronic album I quite enjoy, by Henri Petterson. But soon I'm off to face my office, and stare it down.

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