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by their fruits shall ye

Today I wrote new poems. I finished three, of which I like one in particular, but believe I have a good chance of getting all three published. I've assigned myself a new project of writing 100 poems, similar to the "100 poem project" writing project I "sponsored" in tihs weblog two years ago. As with that project, I intend not so much to "count to one hundred" as to use my time to generate a new body of poetry, from which submittable material may be gleaned. I have been very fortunate in that journals will from time to time accept my poems. I intend to luxuriate in that fortune, rather than merely take it for granted. I'm grateful for a friend's advice to focus upon and and target this goal.

I found that a series of small but palpable lapses in my healthy eating regime caused me to gain a pound back for the first time in twenty weeks. I was pleased that the burden of the new gain was only one pound. I will eradicate that pound, and put seven more pounds lost in its place.

I got a very kind note from the people whose dark ambient remix contest I entered on Saturday, to complement the very kind comment in this journal from one of the respected ambient artists who was among those from whom I obtained the sampled loops in the contest from the contest website. I like the way that people can reach out and make me feel so very good--and I take that lesson in how I should interact with others.

We had a delightful dinner last night, although I found myself holding forth at length upon my current discussion topic, which I'll call "we say we are a caring nation, but we really show our values by our deeds when....".
I suppose my reading of the Book of Matthew and the James epistle exert their effect on me in good and unfortunate ways even at this remove from first reading. The company was rich and intriguing, and the conversation flowed better than wine (particularly as I rarely drink wine). When I get going, though, I am afraid that I am more freight train than surrey with the fringe on top.

I had a pho tihs afternoon. I wrote some prose for submission tonight. For the first time in years, I found a magazine I wish to query as to an article I could write, which I hope to do this week. I hope to see an electro-acoustic musician perform tomorrow--failing that, I'll watch the football game.

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