Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Dag and Josef

I went hiking today at Sister Grove Park. I listened through amplified headphones to singing crickets and calling birds. Fall flowers bloomed, less vivid than Spring flowers, but nonetheless of interest. I entered a remix contest at I thought about setting up a number of additional side livejournals--actually, three. I do not "need" three more places to write, but I think I could subdivide my plots and schemes better that way. One livejournal would review netlabel releases by people who release music for free on the internet. One would review indie label releases. One would be a place to put my own musical ponderings. Two would reach outward--while one would make this journal less filled with what is largely for me a personal logging of things of limited interest to others.
Gurdonpoems came aborning the same way, with satisfactory results.

Today neighboring Plano has its balloon festival. The weather looks fine for such an affair--as it often is in September--and I look forward to the horizon sight of floating balloons. Last night I saw scissortail flycatchers again. Our local population left just before the hurricane hit Louisiana. I suspect these are Oklahoma birds in migration. Migrating birds are everywhere, along with our year-round residents such as the killdeer and the red-wing blackbirds. Monarch butterflies float by, with their late-season migratory "tired gait".

I read an essay about Dag Hammerskold and an essay about Joseph Stalin. I browsed the Tomb of Atuan, which I have not read since I was in college. I will write poetry this weekend. We have company coming for dinner. I loved to eat baked salmon when I visited Anchorage.

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