Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Phase 3 in session

I solved the problem of getting my cassette recording trasnferred without static into my home recording studio program, after reading a guide on the internet. The problem proved solvable by a simple use of "line in" and "stereo mix", which, like most things, is completely intuitive when one learns it, and unfathomable while unlearnt. It's a bit like being told by a teacher "if you did this the right way, then I would not have to teach it to you--so why don't you?". Experience teaches me everything I know, almost. A manual or a demonstration does the rest.

I got the first three tracks of Exchange Park saved in wav format, and then I placed each into the Slicer to create a new song. "Green Rail Fence" sounds out with a curious and uneven set of melodic fence bars, plugging out an uncertain melody at an uneven tempo. "White Bridge" features the thumping noise of cars passing over the bridge above. "Brown Wood Bench" has a fascinating rapid-fire marimba-like quality.

The "make a CD of synth-afflicted city park sounds" concept thus appears workable, with three songs down and
eleven to go. It's odd stuff, but that's kinda the design.

The Absurd Music Exchange acquired its eleventh member. After reading up on in response to a question I posed on the site, I realize that a release on could be fun. I'd love to have hundreds download and enjoy my music for free.

My "other" song cycle, a set of songs I call "prairie" songs, is progressing well. It's more melodic, more traditonal--a conventional song sliced, diced and rendered ambient.

Last night, with permission, I took a woman's gospel song, placed it in my synth, and morphed her voice. Instead of a youngish sounding woman with a mild tilt between Billie Holliday and Janis Joplin, her voice came out as a
60 year old gospel soul shouter, while the farfisa suddenly sounded like a bass kazoo. I e mailed the artist the result, but I am not sure it will amuse her as much as it did me. But I am an eternal optimist--and I certainly hope she is easily amused, as am I.

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