Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Completion of Step One--Sample Acquisition

I drove ten minutes or less to nearby Exchange Park, a large city park. I took a wooden mallet, a plastic mallet, and a mallet made of Superball. I recorded the samples I'll use for my CD, "Exchange Park". Here are the samples that I acquired:

1. Green Rail Fence-the different bars let me record a semblance of melody. Emergency vehicles passed over a nearby bridge while I recorded, adding ambience of sirens.
2. White Bridge--The underside of the bridge made dull thud, which is enlivened a good bit by the hum and roar of passing motorists on the bridge.
3. Brown Wooden Bench--This flat bench on a stone foundation featured five wooden short planks, each with a different pitch, which could be played like a rough marimba.
4. Yellow Green Osage Orange (Fruit of the Bois D'Arc Tree): My superball mallet managed to extract some rhythmic sound from this fruit the size of a croquet ball.
5. Slate Rock Dam and Gray Chain Link Fence--The historic railway dam features slate stones which give a nice sound, but the reverberation of the restraining fencing along the stones is very ominous and interesting.
6. White walkway--The dullness of the sidewalk is leavened by the resonance of the hollows underneath.
7. Green Large Barrel--the trash can had a really rich sound, as barrels are wont to do. Not quite Trinidad/Tobago quality, but very luxuriant.
8. Silver, Gold, Green and Red Historical Monument--Each facet of the monument makes a different sound, permitting an interesting melody to evolve
9. White Bridge Support--a dull thud and the sound of the wind
10. Green Bench--a nice metallic glockenspiel sound, with lots of appealing twinges
11. Green Small Barrel--the tines at barrel-top make for a really grooving, I mean ambient, sound.
12. Brown wooden picnic bench--This bench had a sound which was mid-way between thud and melodic
13. Maroon bridge--this long bridge with rails is the best musical instrument in the park. It's got melody, it's got electronic resonance, and it's got a good beat and you can dance to it.
14. Green post--I felt I should have "Red Stop Sign" as the closing piece, but the stop sign was amazingly mute. the green post which held up the handicapped sign held song possibilities on its base.

Now I must transfer the samples from my cassette player to the computer recording studio, save the resulting recordings in wave, sample them into Slicer, and then record the resulting sonic manipulations.

I meant to take a picture of me with headphones, a portable cassette, a Hawaiian shirt, a Dallas World Aquarium baseball cap, a tiny condenser mic, and three mallets, but words will have to do.

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