Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

ish ness

The news on the internet proves frustrating in terms of actual information about the storm. As happens with such things, one can only wait a day or two, and hope for the best for all in the path.

Last night I figured out that while clicking the box that says "mic boost" on the computer sound controls does not actually "boost the mic", it does "boost the distortion", giving a kazoo-like sound that I, given my predilections, should love, but somehow do not. I also figured out that rendering disparate sounds into disparate noise can create a displeasing effect. I'm ready to focus on the great mp3 track that verian sent to me instead.

I decided that sheepishness is not my best emotion, and set it aside in favor of mulelishness and perhaps a bit of coltishness. I assiduously avoid kittenish, but sit the fence on aardvarkian.

This week promises to be busy, but I promise to feel rested, and so I'm off to face it.
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