Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

backyard birds

Last night a kind neighbor gave me a birthday gift in the form of a particular kind of bird feeder and a CD. The CD happened to be a CD I'd seen, and almost given as a gift to another friend recently. It's called "Backyard Birds". Backyard birds features a fellow introducing some thirtysomething bird calls, followed by the bird calls themselves. Each "song" is quite short, with a frighteningly cheerful voice saying, say "northern mockingbird", followed by the requisite whistles and other bird sounds. At the end of the CD, though, a "test" exercise plays a dozen or so birds each time doing a group foggy mountain break-down, which is really energizing. I suspect that I can run this through my sampler to create cool bird-whistle synth effects, although due to copyright laws I could not share them. I am finding more and more, though, that the things I do musically are not really for sharing anyway.

We got a call late night last night from our friends, who had just returned from a trip to Louisiana, whose trip had had the outcome that the news about their ill relative all turned out very good so far. We put aside the DVD we were watching, the movie everyone else has seen called "Napoleon Dynamite", and headed out to meet them at Ozbeet, a pleasant if somewhat noisy restaurant/coffee shop/bar in Plano. The covers band played "I'll Melt for You" while we discussed folk music and the current political soap opera. It was an unexpected late night jaunt on a Saturday night, but we enjoyed it.

In the meantime, I asked for a portable DVD player to play movies while I travel.
I got instead a PSP game machine. This machine does a lot more than play movies, but its movie format is not DVD but a unique format. I'm puzzling out whether to return this, and get a DVD player. I've got to research whether it is likely that more movies than movies in which people explode or high-kick will be released in the format for this machine. If so, it would be a fun machine for my purposes. If, on the other hand, only big budget movies and movies in which animated characters or
Vin Diesel wield swords are going to be available, then I'd rather watch smaller films on the small DVD screen. However, after google research, I find that there are easy converter programs, so that I can have my cake and eat it, too. In addition, the PSP seems to do a lot more things. I am inclined to keep the PSP and learn how to use it.

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