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blue blue kite

I drove this morning to Sister Grove Park, beside Lake Lavon near Princeton. The county park has just the right small number of visitors. I walked the trail through the woodland of cedar and scraggle hardwood. Ripe wild plums were on the ground beneath the appropriate trees. I stopped on a hill of dirt in an open space to take a picture of a man-high coreopsis plant, the "Texas sunflower", in radiant bloom.

When I emerged from the trail into the open field in the main section of the remote park, I noticed that the breeze had reached a pleasant pitch and roll. I keep dollar stores kites and five hundred feet of string in my trunk for just these moments.
I hoisted aloft a new Delta wing kite I bought recently at a dollar store, which featured blue flowers with white stamens on a field of a deep blue. The kite went up just like a kite, drawing string serenely until the string was nearly done. It flew with a haughty self-assurance for twenty minutes. When I was reeling it in, a black vulture flew near the kite, which then plunged to ground as if deflated. I got it back aloft to take pictures of it in mid-air, and then trunked the kite again.

I returned to dine on leftover chicken from our wonderful dinner last night with my brother's family, pleased to have had a day before the day is half finished.

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