Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

a few things in summary

I'm reading a Kate O'Brien novel I got at an antique store in Farmersville some months ago.It's not a bad read, about a heroine named Angele' and her doings in this country called Ireland. I love the sound of Dolores O'Riordan's accent when she sings. When I listen to the first Cranberries album, I keep flitting between "Linger" and "Sunday". I played a chess player on the internet named oooobonovoxooo, but I suspect it was not the rockstar. I won more games than he did,but when he won, he won with fanfare and amazing piece sacrifices.

The back cover of the Kate O'Brien hardcover urges me to buy War Bonds. I think of friends and relatives overseas. The heat returned after a couple of rainy days, but the rain has leavened August into something manageable. I figured out how to burn microwave popcorn. I found lots of free music from netlabels at to listen to in my spare time. I thought about booster rockets and space shuttles. I'm imagining harmonics in empty 12 ounce diet root beer bottles. I sent an old friend a birthday e-card, featuring terriers of the right flavor. I got a kind note from the music director at Thorncrown Chapel about the folk song. I feel hopeful and aware and a tiny bit pressed.

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