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Quiet, positive day

Today proved a very quiet day. I rested most of the morning, which I fundamentally dislike doing. I like to get up early and stay up. But night concerts always tire me. It is why I sometimes wish concerts were matinees. I did play on-line chess,with reasonably good results. My rating is back up to 1450 or so.

I heard someone speak this afternoon about the virtue of positive goals in achieving things. I believe in this approach, too. I thought for a long while how important it is to simply hope, and not despair. I resolved to bring a hopeful, constructive attitude to the things I do this week. I brought a positive, constructive attitude to spring rolls and chicken pho today, in what became a weekly ritual at some point.

I finished the Harry Potter book, which I enjoyed. I spent a productive hour drawing up the forms to submit to the chess federation in order to rate the chess games yesterday, wrote out the requisite fee checks, and set it aside for copying and mailing. I had decided from the outset to thank the library for giving me free use of their meeting room by donating a quarter of the entry fees to their Friends of the Library. With eighteen entrants, this came to one hundred eighty dollars in entry fees, and therefore a pleasant forty five dollar donation. I must buy tournament pairing software, though, as I want a computer to do the pairings for me in the future. I have reached the conclusion that the fact that I can is no longer a reason to do something in the less convenient way. I noted that one young man failed to collect his ten dollar prize which I will mail to him tomorrow.

We walked Ted at Glendover Park. They made many improvements to our little pocket park this Summer.
They added a pavilion, with half a dozen little round tables, each with four chairs attached. They added three tables on paved circles, along with little grills. They even put in a simple wooden fishing dock. The park is quite small, so one might imagine it would all seem a bit busy. But it actually all fits in quite nicely.

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