Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

All the right moves

Today the Dallas Morning News' Collin County "things to do" section gave my chess tournament tomorrow a nice little feature, entitled "All the Right Moves". The term "All the Right Moves" always reminds me of a teen movie in which Tom Cruise has such a bad attitude that he quits football, only to be redeemed in the form of a college scholarship by the same coach who angered him in the first place. Lea Thompson, in band gear, plays "You've got to be a Football Hero" on her saxophone outside his window in a show of support.

I had a few moments of intense frustration tonight when I realized that I had gotten mixed up about which work days I am "protecting" for vacation, which will require some shuffling of things about that have now "come in" on vacation days. I dislike getting those moods driven by frustration (and a touch of hunger). A meal of sushi, a walk around the Towne Lake, and some chess organization later, and I felt right with things again. I can shuffle calendars with the best of them, after all.

I figured out the meaning of the term "stereo mix" on my computer's recording function, simplifying the process of recording Slicer. Last night, I remixed some German electronic artists from I felt a bit sorry for them, because not only had nobody used their postings in a new mix, but two people actually went out of their way to say that the German fellows' stuff, simple bell-like tones with rapid percussion, was too bland to remix. I figured that I could render it non-bland, so I redid it as a noisy percussive bit of temple bells, in some non-western register.

I thought the result would appeal to me only, but this morning I had two e mails from the creator of the work--"please mix more!" and "here's more samples--just for fun!". The ccmixter folks keep saying "crazy, man", and I suppose they are right. I am reminded sometimes of the Tolkien tag about not being too disheartned from negative reviews resulting from being reviewed by people whose own works (i.e., the reviewer's), one would not enjoy anyway. But actually, the mixter folks are by and large good, but they work in areas I find more predictable than what I wish to do. I did remix someone's 1995 class president high school campaign speech with some
musical oohs and ahs on mixter tonight, but I'm not sure that anyone but me will enjoy it as much as I do.

I am listening to a new ambient album I got in the mail yesterday for the purpose of writing a review. It's quite good, which is a relief, because it is always more comfortable to write a good review than a poor review.

I posted The_Outsider's remix of my song "Beech Ridge, which he rechristened "Leach Bridge", for review at The first two reviews want more activity, but I like the song just as it is, with a simple theme, well acted out. I am also having a lot of fun on electronica collaborations with verian and akhliber, who each bring to the table a musicality I lack. I'm grateful for the kind words about the "Thorncrown Chapel" folk song. I wish to see if I can get it on internet radio.

But now my attention is all consumed with the idea of how many people I will have for my tournament tomorrow. Four is a minimum to make it work--eight optimum--twelve very good--and twenty five would be too many. I suspect I will be in the four to eight camp, but we'll see. I hope it's a success.

A busy day tomorrow--a walk, chess, dinner with my wife, and then we go to see Suzanne Vega and Abra Moore. I'm ready for action.

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