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Thorncrown Chapel

One thing that repeatedly strikes me, as I get involved with, is that as a musician I am a darn good attorney. The second thing that strikes me is that my poetry and creative writing is much more my "thing" than is music, although I enjoy my fledgling efforts to make music, particularly offbeat music.

I decided to try to use my poetry to collaborate on I went to the Forum, and placed a posting offering to provide poems to use as lyrics, free of charge.

A kind fellow from the UK, Steve McNeill, contacted me. I provided him with "Thorncrown Chapel", a poem I wrote in gurdonpoems. He took the ball and ran with it, generating a beautiful song and performance, using the "Thorncrown Chapel" lyrics.

If you'd like to hear the resulting song (music and performance by Steve, lyrics by me), then I'd invite you to go to Steve's website, which is here. I'm so pleased with his version of "Thorncrown Chapel", which really captures what I hoped to do with the poem. I do not write in rhyme often, and it's fun to hear my rhyme turned into song. I don't think it will turn me into a neo-traditionalist poet--requires a burdensome rhyming thesaurus, I imagine--but it makes me want to write more lyrics.

There *is* a Thorncrown Chapel, by the way. It's in the woods, outside Eureka Springs, Arkansas, in an area in which the Ozarks touch the sky. It was designed by the architect Fay Jones, and it's breathtaking.

Steve does a lot of other strong material, which can be heard on as well as his site. I'm deeply grateful that he did such a good job here. We hope to collaborate on more songs in the future. Me? I do the words. He does all the hard and talented work.

If you'd like the song, by the way, and you're on dial-up, so that downloading is a hassle, or would otherwise just like an e mail of the mp3, just drop me an e mail at
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