Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

four person tournaments

Today a nice woman called from the Dallas Morning News to check out the details on my August 6 Allen Quads chess tournament. I had had the presence of mind to submit to their community section some weeks ago, and now they apparently are going to give it a featured announcement place next Friday. Last year they helped me, and it brought another soul or two out to play, but my tournament was still quite small.
We'll see what it does this year.

I have read the books and guides and can write a pretty good press release, but in the few times I've dealt in person or by phone with news folks, I've been more talkative than charming. I am of the school of thought that seeking publicity for my work is rarely a good thing, so that I only seek out a little attention in the news when it might help get people to come play chess, say, or do some other worthy thing.
Lately I notice that on-line I can manage to commit virtually any malapropism, wanton abruptness, misunderstood humour, inadequate communications of feelings, imperfect grammar and style, incomplete thought, or noble sentiment so poorly phrased as to be taken the wrong way, so I suppose it should not surprise me when my "being interviewed" skills lack a bit. But we did chat a bit about quad pairing systems and what "blitz" chess is (thankfully, I did not have to explain a "hegemony"), and what Game in 30 means.

I hope this tournament attracts more than the four or so I got for the first two.
I have had a lot of "I'm coming", this time, so I'm hoping for a turnout of 8 or 12.
But we'll see. August 6 will be a big day. That reminds me--I want to buy tickets for the Suzanne Vega and Abra Moore concert that night.

Meanwhile, I am slicing, dicing, and straining sounds, and walking our lhasa by
still pond waters.

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