Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

tract home nature recording

"When we're not out 'in the field', we live and work from our mud-brick, solar-passive home, set in peaceful bushland near the central Victorian town of Castlemaine. We chose this location because of our desire to be in a quiet natural setting that gives us the inspiration we put into our work. Our home is a contemporary solar-passive design, which is cool and airy in summer, and cosy and warm in winter".--nature recordists Andrew Skeosch and Sarah Koschak

When we're not in the field, we live in a yellow brick tract home built by a large corporation, set among dozens of similarly situated tract homes, laid out in neat rows, in peaceful converted farmland, in the Collin County town of Allen. Our home lacks any solar panels, but we do enjoy the feeling of the sun coming in through the windows on a January day. We chose this location because it has low crime and good schools.

Today I woke very early, drove a few blocks to the open 24 hours a day Kroger grocery store, purchased raisin bran and milk, and also noted a forlorn table on which resided a handful of sale copies of the new Harry Potter novel. I don't know why the book display inspired in me a "land of misfit toys" feeling, but soon I added the Rowling book to my purchase selections. On the drive to the store, I saw a young rabbit, hopping along the alleyway. Now if I can just figure out where the new mp3 converter disk I purchased is--as it is not in the box--then I'll be in business.
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