Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

55 gallons of rescue

Today I took another small step towards getting my spare room redeemed for chess. I had acquired a few large aquariums some months ago, with the idea of setting up one and giving away the others. I also found myself with a good few used smaller aquariums, because I find that once I am attuned to looking for bargains, I find them everywhere.

My plan to use the aquariums hit some snags. Although I'd love to have a guppy tank, I found myself disinclined, after some years, to set one up just yet. Further, my attempts to find local schools to take them proved less a piece of cake than I imagined it would be.

Recently, though, I found This is a great site. It has a search engine for what teachers at schools have been requesting. I searched for teachers hunting aquariums in north Texas and southern Oklahoma. I found one in Sherman that wanted a tank for her intermediate school science class. I wrote an e mail, explaining that I was trying to encourage people to raise common guppies. Did the teacher want an aquarium under such conditions? She said Sure! She and a former student came by today early in the morning, before work, we loaded the heavy aquarium with difficulty in her vehicle, and the deed was done. This marks two aquariums given away this month. My spare room carpet has a space where a 55 gallon eyesore used to be living.

When the school year begins, ever too soon, I will try to give away the remaining tanks. I may even set up one of the small 10 gallon tanks, in a gesture of wholeness and release. Released guppies, that is. I posted a post on the Feeder Guppy Rescue League, suggesting we start a movie of giving away used tanks. Someone else caught part of the spirit, suggesting we freecycle tanks. Today, guppies. Tomorrow, the foundations of civilzation itself.

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