Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

the way it slices

Today our little one story office building had to have central air repair, necessitating the cessation of air around 11 a.m. As today proved to be a high 90s Texas July day, even the heart-felt efforts of a small room fan did not keep my office entirely cool. Fortunately, I am fairly temperature-insensitive, and could work the day through, even as we sent staff home early.

Tonight I went to the Garland Legal Clinic at the Salvation Army. Each month that I go I remember how complex life can be for virtually anyone. I was glad to come home to leftover grilled chicken.

The creator of the open source software Slicer answered my e mail today, after I wrote to ask him what I was doing wrong. I could get the program to load, and the grahpics to appear, but I could not get the sound to work. He replied with one of those classic "turn the sound to ON" instructions, which actually did the trick.
Slicer is very similar to my idea for the Logo String Art Mandala Synthesizer, only much cleverer. You import a .wav sample that you created, and it slices it up. Then you use mouse-controlled graphed lines to modify pitch, amplitude and tempo. The result is self-created fascinating synthy fun. I sampled some of my MIDI organ chord songs, which sounded really good. I have not quite figured out how to export this material, but this holds real potential for effective music creation.

The folks at the kvraudio forum weighed in with great free suggestions for ways to alter my electric kazoo to create experimental electronics. I decided that honesty was the best policy, and just posted something saying I am more or less an idiot who likes to play kazoo, and asked for hints as to whether I use something virtual synthish to create odder sounds. The replies featured myriad solutions. Meanwhile, I am hunting a freeware virtual wah wah pedal. I narrowly lost an auction on a MIDI synthesizer, which is in a way too bad, because the price was too good.

We got the contract on our August lake cabin rental, which, barring the unforeseen, will square us away for vacation. I'm ready for another vacation. Also, it's been a hard working week. I'll be ready to swim, hike and rest this weekend.

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