Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

The Little Creamery in Brenham

Tonight we had a fine evening with visiting family folks. My wife marinated a chicken for cooking out on the grill, following which we dined on fresh blueberries over diet-ish "light" Blue Bell ice cream. They make the ice cream in a little town called Brenham, and advertise it is an annoyingly lovable radio-jingle about how "The Little Creamery in Brenham Sure is Big on Taste". I always want to tour that creamery, as well as the miniature horse farm nearby, in the rolling country of Brenham, in central Texas. I never owned a horse, but my grandfather kept Shetland ponies and a horse or two for us to ride during a small segment of my childhood. I liked the sound of the "thud" that my body made when it hit the ground after a fall from the large and largely gentle horse I rode. Somehow that thud involved no pain, but just a pleasing "full-bodied drum" percussion. It was my most musical moment. I also loved my grandfather's goats, who ran into the woods with a proprietorial shyness disguised as bold flair.

I never want a horse to ride, but I would love to have a mini-burro to walk beside me as I hike the trails. Sadly, I know too much about horses and the care they require, and the feeding and the regular attention to their needs and health. They take special people, like my LiveJournal friends who can conscientiously do that work.

I gave away one of the many fish tanks I acquired inexpensively for the purpose of giving away. The first one, a ten gallon, I gave to the kind neighbors for whom I successfully fish-sat lately. They had five inches of fish in a 2 1/2 gallon tank. I upgraded them, and provided them with the pump and filtration they will need for a healthy tank. Friday, I give away a big tank to a school teacher in a town an hour away, who has pledged, in the grand tradition of the Feeder Guppy Rescue League, to use it to raise feeder guppies. I am inclined, after a few months of adverse feeling on this point, towards setting up a new feeder guppy tank. Time will tell.

I spent the wee hours this morning working on my spare room. I made the first in-roads on getting it in better shape, although there is much to do.
I see the vision, though, of a chess room before my eyes, and my vision will be as keen as a mini-burro's hunting a sugar cube.

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