Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

black cherry checkmate

Tonight I went to a Starbucks in Allen to play chess with a fellow who just joined my little North Texas Blitz Hegemony yahoo message board. He's just moved here from San Antonio.

I arrived at Starbuck's a trifle early, after getting a quick bite of bbq turkey at Dickey's BBQ. I do not drink coffee, and I am limiting my caloric intake, so that ordering at Starbucks is a more involved process for me than for some. But I found a diet black cherry soda I found delightful, and sat down to set up my chess board.

When my opponent arrived, we played numerous games, both slowish and blitz. I had the better evening, winning all but one drawn opposite colored bishop endgame. Still, our strengths are not very disparate, and had my opponent been less rusty, I believe that he is the stronger player. It's good to have another local person to play against, particular as he seems a quite decent fellow. This sort of casual play is just what I hoped to accomplish with my chess club. Meanwhile, a mom called to ask me if her young son could play in my August tournament. This encourages me, although I am keenly aware that it's who shows up to play, not who calls, that matters.

I arrived home about 8:30, while my wife, who had been checking on a relative's cat, arrived moments later. We then took our noble dog Teddy for a walk in Glendover Park.
She sat patiently while the children came up to pet her. My favorite among many charming toddlers was the 18 month old who overcame his shyness in the face of a friendly lhasa. Lhasas are a notoriously idiosyncratic breed, but Teddy happens to be quite good with children, and not domineering as our late dog Scout might have been.

I continue to read the George W. Cable civil war novel I got at an antique store in Pilot Point a few weeks back--very intriguing stuff. I found a free place to download the windows version of Logo, which makes me want to relearn that language, or perhaps I should say learn as I was only rudimentary in that language at best.

My sister wrote me that two old friends just lost their father to cancer. I have not seen my friends in years, and have only e mailed one of them a few times, and said "hi" to the other in this journal a time or so when he visited. But such news makes me want to reach out and reconnect. It's so important to connect.

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