Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Five new goals and seven bits of whimsy

1. make an effective recording of cricket and katydid songs
2. hike the cross timbers trail from start to finish
3. take a long bicycle ride, from the middle of nowhere to the sum of extremity
4. visit relatives who live a few hours away that I never go to visit
5. listen to a very long book on tape about something very intensely factual

1. obtained inexpensive mic pre-amp, and could even understand the instructions
2. scanned entire recording equipment catalog, and discovered nothing I wished to spend money upon--note to self: feel relief that native thrift often overcomes daydreams
3. if i were a backyard bird, I'd be a cardinal
4. I think of the astronauts on Apollo 8, circling the moon, filled with longing to be on Apollo 11, who will get to actually visit
5. It may be that there is better music than 801 Live! but if so, it is not known to current history
6. Having seen the microphones used to record birds in nature, I find myself completely in love with them, as they resemble a cross between a bullhorn and an alien intercom device
7. Who knows what evil lies in the heart of Karl Rove? The Shadow knows.

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