Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

amps to ohms

If repetition proved the only key to success, my blitz chess rating would be at master level. Unfortunately, it stays well below the goals I have set for it. I spent this morning making outrageously obvious errors against a 1900 player.

After I finished my pho ga' last night, I went to Radio Shack. The local branch store so often features people who enjoy helping others. I soon had a handful of those "little things that don't cost much but connect this wire to that" things that make any Radio Shack trip worthwhile.

I figured out a way to "match" the recording output of my microphone to the recording input of my computer without the need for a formal pre-amp, by utilizing an inexpensive cassette recorder that I have. I experimented with multi-tracked recording of the results, achieving a technical improvement, but not anything worth hitting the "save" button on aesthetically.

I am "dog watching" two tropical fish this week. One is a jaunty fancy tail mollie, and the other is an Australian rainbow fish. Their owners, two fellows who live down the street, came down and asked if we could fill in during family vacation. Although I might have been wiser to show the fellows how to purchase a time-release fish food pack, in the convenient seashell design, I instead found myself carting a 2 1/2 gallon tank of attractive marbles and fish back to my house, with extra care worthy of a silent movie star just before disaster sets in. Disaster has not set in as yet, and the fish seem quite happy. This makes me reconsider my former decision to shelve actual fish-keeping for a while.

The kind folks at sent me a message that my song "Robot Breakfast" had completed its "active review cycle" and now was archived on its way to the back catalog. The message conveyed a note of semi-condolence that its reviews were inadequate for it to reach the second round of competition. I felt no disappointment, as I find that the song is a definitely acquired taste.

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