Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

armadillo crossing near a town called Hope

We got a late start on our trip to Arkansas last night. Originally, we were to go up on Saturday, as we were to pick up a nephew. Those plans changed Thursday night, a bit to my surprise, and we ended up coming up last night.

The road between Hope and Camden runs through a wooded bottomland area. On the roughly an hour drive through, one always sees wildlife during this time of the Summer. Last night we saw an armadillo, successfully crossing the road, and my wife saw a deer.

I like the experience of long chats on long drives. We talk about things we don't always reach during our frequent discussions all week long. It's affirming, somehow, the sharing of ideas.

I got a note from a fellow whose song I reviewed, saying "you should write reviews for a newspaper!". I admire that one of my LJ friends restarted ambientreview, a well-written periodic discussion of ambient CDs.
I think it might be fun to set up a LiveJournal about experimental and quirky music in much the same vein--although as I write this,it has the ring of "the sincerest form of flattery".

It's good to see my father again--to sit on his new leather sofa in a reconfigured office and hear about his life and thoughts. Later today, I hope to see my niece and nephew, who always make me smile. Family matters a great deal to me. Lately I think of whether we erred when we did not have children of our own. We don't lack for richness in our lives, though--and perhaps that's an answer--or merely a first chapter of the next question.

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