Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

What's in a face?

Today I had the photos developed from our trip to NASA's Johnson Space Center on yesterday. Then I picked one of the pictures of me to place on my band website at, as I thought it would be cool to have some space-stuff shots for people to peruse. You see, tomorrow my song "Robot Breakfast" is going to be the industrial music "track of the day" at The garageband form said "be sure and put your picture on the site". So I wanted to be all astronautical.

Unfortunately, the picture functions shrinks the pictures down, causing various forms of skew. I had to edit the pictures down a good bit. Thus, the music site will not feature gurdonark standing by astronaut mannequins on the moon, nor even the wonder of gurdonark standing next to the missile mock-ups.

Instead, I took the picture which shows me touching the rock literally from the moon, through the glass. It's an extraordinary thing--to touch something from the moon, even if it feels worn smooth by other hands, even if it's not an unfamiliar touch.

I had to crop out the rock, the hand, the odd little bank-teller glass cage that restrains one from rock extraction--basically everything but my face. But this photo, taken by my nephew Mr. A with a cheap throwaway camera, shows my facial expression, which I'll share here:

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