Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

that vision thing

"There is that in me-I do not know what it is-but I know it is in me … I do not know it-it is without name-it is a word unsaid, It is not in any dictionary, utterance, symbol … Do you see O my brothers and sisters? It is not chaos or death-it is form, union, plan-it is eternal life-it is Happiness".--Walt Whitman

As I survey my spare room, which I called my "art room" until my artlessness came to me in a thunderclap of insight, I no longer see a room filled with things that would be better if they filled other places. I see serene long tables and chairs, suited for chess. I see dulcimers and autoharps, displayed attractively. I see intriguing things hanging on the walls, changed often but never failing to delight. Never mind that the things I see are now in my imagination only. I see them, and can make them real. I will draw up a set of goals for this room, and then I will fulfill them. When I am done, the result will make me glad. This music recording thing has focused me on how it is fun to play away from my strengths sometimes--this is the way to grow--but it is also good to focus on my strengths as well. I have things I do for which I gain the modest notice which I seek, and I want to do them with more vigour. But first I have promises to keep, and appointments to fulfill. I will not forget, though, that some of the promises worth keeping are those made to myself.
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