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Call Me "Is in mail"

asphalteden, sorry it's taken me so long to reciprocate your extreme kindness (the John Campbell thing alone, not to mention the "break my heart" submission, were priceless and deserving of immediate response), but the box is now packed and taped, and heading to post office tomorrow.

gregwest98, old reciprocation times with you are gone but not forgotten, and if you'll just look away for a moment, something will issue from
this particular stretch of dixieland.

My wife and I went looking for that box of CDs which had gone walkabout when we moved from CA to TX.
We found many--I'll soon be awash in Cocteau Twins and Sunburst Finish and Buddha Head--but key CDs remain
undiscovered. Due to the location of Be Bop Deluxe and Cranberries and Duncan Sheik empty jewel cases, and this investigator's memories of CDs being played in days leading to the move, current focus of the investigation is on finding one of those plastic multi-CD changer thingies, accompanied by a gun moll and two bodyguards.

Meanwhile, I have finally figured out how to get people to offer me nervousness exchanges. Merely offer a corruplast card in return for *anything* in the mail. I am learning slowly.

Ebay sales ratio for bad chess poems book this month:
3 hits out of 7 postings. But we have a bidder this week already! The bidder bid 2 cents, which is twice intrinsic value! Formsheet fans predict that bidding will top a dime by auction end!

I need to mail that notebook out to TN. You'd think that something which costs 2 dollars at the store and requires only insertion of a poem would have gone out already. But tomorrow all wrongs will be righted, and justice will return to our world.

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