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garage band recording

Although I'm more interested in recording folk music at this moment, I spent this evening utilizing my musical notation software to create a quiet bit of meditative keyboard play called "Bethany Lakes Park". The stray poorly planned note or two I'll chalk up to creative dissonance.

The song now goes into the review process, a process complicated for me by the fact that no category is called "pastoral organ which meanders aimlessly" (or, for that matter, "mellow progressive rock"). I elected to call this trance, as in that brand of electronica the boundaries are a bit looser.

I don't really expect everybody to "get it", but if any one of my reviewers "gets it", I will be well pleased. Uploading the song proved a repetitive challenge. I was disappointed to "lose" the rather cool poem I drafted to go with the poem, although the somewhat evocative allusions proved somewhat racier than I prefer in any event. Best to go with meditation than the chess moves metaphor.

Now we'll see if it is reviewed, and what I learn from the process. If anyone would like to hear it, then the icon below is ripe for clicking:


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