Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

11:10 a.m.

Today I came home to find that the high-speed internet access on my computer functions as it ought, for the first time. This allowed me to review a couple of songs on, without the delay inherent in dial-up communication. For good measure, I took a favored few of the songs I have heard on garageband and built my very first personal podcast. It was a fun thing to do, although I have virtually no idea what to do with a personal podcast. I find the process of reviewing a song while it is playing the best kind of structured freewrite. I am pleased that virtually all of my reviews get scored by other users as a perfect 11 out of 11, although when I see spelling or grammar typos I feel less proud of myself on those scores.

There are sometimes gaffes, such as the review in which I praise the child-like tone of the singer, who in fact was an 8 year old child, or assign the wrong gender to the vocalist. Overall, though, I find the process energizing, and I enjoy hearing the songs.

I'm a touch under the weather today, with even a weekend of rest not causing me to recover from my week of travel and inconsistent sleep schedule. But I'm soldiering on. I still have to figure out how to get AOL to "piggyback" onto the back of my on-line service, but that can wait.

I got an e mail from an eBay seller today, asking if could leave feedback for the 6 booklets I bought from him. I wrote back that I would leave feedback, but after I received them. Without missing a beat, he wrote back that they arrived at my home at 11:10 a.m. I had to break the news to him by return e mail that I work for a living, which no doubt will slow his feedback receipt by some 12 hours.

I'm reading a novel called "Star Colony", and thinking spacey thoughts tonight.

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