Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

reviews and appeals

Although this is proving a busy week, when I am not working (or, as happened last evening, sleeping at times I'd hoped to be doing things other than working), I am listening to music at I like the reviewer functions over there. One is played two songs, one at a time, and writes a review for each song. I enjoy writing reviews, and the "blind" nature of this review process is liberating. I'm always pleased by how much good music is out here, and always intrigued by the production value choices which home recordists make when they record their work. The folks who "review the reviews" have given me good marks thus far, which adds to my sense of enjoyment. It's funny that positive recognition makes a difference, but I suppose it is human and not too objectionable that this is so for me.

Today I have much to do before a court hearing, and much to do after a court hearing. Today I appear to argue an appeal. This is an exercise in "pure law" and in oral advocacy I find a meaningful way to do my work. One stands before three justices and argues why the trial court should be reversed (or, as in my case, why the trial court should be affirmed). It requires preparation, though, which I intend to complete today. Then,after a meeting, I am back preparing for a similar exercise Friday morning. It's good to have things to do, but then one must do them.

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