Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

25 things

1. I rarely long for great wealth, but after finishing the book on the Caddo native American peoples and the sorry tales of exploitation and imperialism, I wish I had the money to buy most of northeast Texas, southwest Arkansas and southeastern Oklahoma for a gift in reparation.

2. Not all California rolls are created equal.

3. It's still funny that I can basically think I did not play chess well, and yet score 3 points out of 4, win a little money, and gain rating points, and then play another time when I thought I played very well, but score 1 1/2 out of 5, lose 16 rating points, and win no money.

4. I like that I am the kind of person who can do simple budgets for chess tournaments as yet unscheduled in my head. I dislike that I am the kind of person who will model a thousand possibilities before doing the least adventurous of them.

5. Words of doom: "We've already closed this flight".

6. Sometimes an unexpected layover can be a real time of phone productivity.

7. I think that folks in the EU basically want an EU, provided that it is not the kind of EU that does anything other than have cool looking paper money and solve the problems of diplomat underemployment.

8. So my constitutional law professor was truthful when he denied that he was Deep Throat. I always wondered how many, if any, of my classmates realized that his lectures were skewed so far right that you'd have to use grillo scrubbing brushes to reuse the right side of the intellectual teflon pan on which he cooked students' minds. But I really kinda liked him anyway, because, deep down, I like unrepentant people of a certain intellectual honesty.

9. I was the kind of law student that could disagree with my professor in every particular, and yet write the top paper in his class anyway.

10. I love reading about the return of the Tut exhibition, but is it just me, or would the entire world also rather hear Steve Martin sing "King Tut" than wait in a long line to see King Tut?

11. I'd like to do a time capsule that would really last, with lettering on immutable metals bound up with an irresistible force in an immovable object.
I'd include a lot of comic books in my capsule, for no particular reason.

12. I rather like that feeling of realizing that I've turned onto the 710 instead of the 110 in rush hour traffic, but that I left enough time to fix the minor resulting "get to court" problem anyway.

13. Why does the rental car honk its horn when one hits the button to lock the door? Was the manufacturer worried that its customers might not be sufficiently obnoxious to wake the neighbors, and so salted the deal with a loud noise, needlessly emitting?

14. I want to tour all the Caddo places I read about in the book, as most are within 150 miles of me.

15. When I buy a book called "Offbeat King's Indian", I expect "offbeat" and not merely the systems that are everyone's flavor of the month. I guess I believe in the offbeat being offbeat.

16. My Feeder Guppy Rescue League now has 33 members. I can build a support group for rejected guppies, but not a chess club. Go figure.

17. I enjoy reading about obscure vacation spots off the beaten path. Every state has them, and they each are exquisite in some particular way.

18. I love taking ski lifts to hiking locales in the Summer.

19. I wrote an e mail to the fellow with a cool website about why his slate should be elected to control the US Chess Federation. I titled my bit of advocacy "from an ordinary chessplayer" and adopted the theme "can't we all just get along?". I have gotten no reply as yet, but it was good to write out my vision of a federation without rancour or high dues.

20. The high speed internet access installation is proving remarkably complex. I dislike things I do not understand, like software installation or
why Chipotle restaurant does not post nutrition information on its website.
Wait, maybe I do understand those things, a bit.

21. I really should judge not, lest I be judged. It's a good rule, and also a trenchant phrase.

22. I have undone hobby mailings to complete! I hate being behind.

23. I can't believe it's June, but I'm glad it is anyway.

24. Does life get worse than junk IMs? Why, yes--junk automated cell phone messages.

25. This is a good week for pray for peace. I should try that.
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