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in 7 sentences or less

1. In law school one reads lots of actual appellate cases. 2. The cases are read less for what rules they teach than to illustrate to the student how to pierce the maze and fog of facts to glean the rules which the court is trying to teach. 3. One is taught to "outline" the cases read to distill them to their legal essence.
4. One law school study truism is that the factual portions of the case should always be distilled to seven or fewer essential sentences.
5. The key three or five or seven sentences are all that matter--any more and the student has missed the forest for the trees.
6. Sometimes I believe that my livejournal posts should also be stated in seven sentences or less.
7. But so many times the irrelevant asides in someone's post are my guideposts to the inner truth of the post; the God is in the details.
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