Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

A Walk in the Park

Went to Erwin Park up in McKinney. Walked the
bike trails through the woods. Sleet was still in pockets here and there, but it was not very wet,and the lack of wind made up for the cold.
After a few moments, walk, I stopped to stare at a litle pond. I hard a snuffling behind me, and turned, thinking it might be a coyote. It was a jogger with her large (snuffling) dog who had come into the park without my noticing. I laughed and said I didn't know what that was to them, but they just jogged on by. I turned back to the little pond, and I was perfectly calm, because the place was so peaceful.

This next couple of weeks is when the
law school admissions or rejections really start rolling in. Years ago, I applied to only two law schools, both in my home state, and got in each by return mail. I might have qualified for
law schools with a higher reputation, but
I really didn't want any more challenge in law school than the local State U, as I was not sure I could meet the challenge. Now applicants feel that they are not worthy if they can't go to a top 10 school. I felt lucky to get into the local State U so easily. It's funny how different folks have different perspectives.
Tags: hiking, law

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