Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


A fellow wrote me an e mail Thursday, saying he had seen the ad for my August chess tournament, and thought somehow it was on for this weekend. He wanted to play in his first tournament, after twenty years of playing at home against chess programs. I let him know that my tournament was not until August, encouraged him to come then anyway, and pointed out to him tournaments that ARE this weekend over at the Dallas and Watauga chess clubs. Despite the mix-up on his part, it was fun to encounter enthusiasm. I like it when people write unrestrained, unambiguous expressions of unwavering excitement.

I got home early from work yesterday, so that we could go to Samui Thai for dinner together. This required me to examine what I now call the Master Book of Healthy Eating, to do an impressive calculation of the number of points I could eat and points I could not eat. I found that I could design a satisfying meal, and promptly did. We had a good anniversary.

My wife meanwhile arranged a weekend for us to go see my father, assuming his schedule works for this, which made me happy. I arranged to go Friday night to the Dallas Chess Club with my nephew to play in their Friday night tournament, and to go Sunday morning with a friend to hike Cooper Lake, mid-way between Dallas and Texarkana. But now I must arrange myself for work, which promises to be interesting and very busy.

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