Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

zugzwang with Veronica Mars

My recently-collected sea shells are treated, cleaned, and ready to ship. I will begin packaging them over the next few days and sending them to each person who requested one a few posts back. None of them are large or particularly rare or noteworthy, but they are all gifts from the sea. I collected far more than I 'need', and hence will have more than enough to ship(and even to ship more, if anyone wants to add to the list), but who ever has their needs for shells met? They're mostly little scallop shells, but there are a few small whelks, and a thing or two less familiar to me.

I like phrases like "Gift from the Sea", which could be the subtitle of a Golden Books paperback called "Wondrous Shells of the World". I can assure you that "Wondrous Shells of the World" would not have the needless anatomical detail of the huge "Shells of North America" tome I read prior to our vacation. I never knew that mollusks could be rendered so body-parts-ish, at least not by a well-wisher.

I drove the "back way" to work today, down country roads past rural places and small towns. The new shopping center in Garland is along that path, and I marveled at how far the construction has come. This is the first "real" shopping center in Garland in decades, and it's going to be a welcome addition.

A player on FICS played the old Ware Opening,which is not really the 1 a4 Ware opening, but the Robert Ware Opening with f3, g3, Nh3 and Nf2, and a fianchetto. I resolved to write a long post about the real Robert Ware, whom I met in the 1970s. I wonder if I wrote that post already--it seems to me I may have done so. I have never let repetition keep me from writing on a topic, though. I will save it for another day. I forgot to ask my opponent if she or he knew Robert Ware, too. FICs is funny--the player may have, or may be from Moldova and completely unaware. I consider it a personal mission to keep stories like Robert Ware's alive--it's like the oral tradition before great cultural works are written.

I beat a 1600 player in a spirited King's Indian Defense, storming my opponent's position with a classic h pawn, g pawn, f pawn pawn onslaught. I think it's far easier to play the black side of the Classical King's Indian, no matter what the books say.

I watched the Veronica Mars finale, finding it satisfying in every particular. I give kudos to UPN for renewing it despite low ratings.

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