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Monday, Monday

I did two cards to send out to postcardx people--back to simple photographs affixed to corruplast cards.
I wonder if it really was necessary to put the explanatory text "two horses, rural Collin County, Texas" below the photo of two horses. I would say something pithy like "I don't trust pictures, I only trust words", but today will be far too busy a day for pith. My nearly perfect record of over-achievement,
urgent insistence on task completion, and general weekend worthwhileness dissipated around 8 p.m. last night. That's when I let it get dark without mowing my yard. Monday evenings are good times to mow.
I've got a simple hearing to attend this morning,
and solid work to do all day. At least mowing our
postcard-sized yard lets me feel that I've gotten something done. I also like simple, talent-free things I do myself because I don't have to worry "is it right?", "am I putting myself in someone's way?",
"have I committed a social blunder?". No, with the lawnmower it's just--got gas? got oil? cleaned the sponge that passes for a carburetor? Let it rip!

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