Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

kite day

Sunday I went to Bethany Lakes Park, about ten minutes from our home. This park features three small ponds, with sidewalks surrounding them. As contrasted to the nearby McKinney Towne Lake Park, it's less wooded, more open, and much smaller. On Sunday, the ponds were filled with ducks--both domestic park ducks and many wild mallards. A lot of people fished in the ponds, which is unusual, because the ponds are usually lightly fished. I watched a man with a fly rod throw the fly behind his back into a waiting tree. The park features a few large trees and many small trees, so that there is a feel that the nature is under construction still. The Summer birds have not yet arrived, so that the trees were filled with year-round birds--riotous grackle and hopping robins.

The temperature was in the high 70s, and the sky was quite blue. I got my delta kite from the trunk, as the wind seemed steady and favorable. I found a nook beside the middle pond which offered both open space and a little space from the walkers.

The kite headed from my hand directly up into the sky, as hundreds of feet of bright red string reeled out from the kite. Its twenty foot long plastic multi-colored tail fluttered. The kite flew just like in a movie, until roughly twenty minutes had passed. Then it began to pitch from side to side, like a puppy resisting a leash,
until it rolled back down to earth. I like the ways that kites seem to have a conscious sense of the moment, although it is really just wind and inexpert navigation that ends the flight.

I went home, where my wife and I took our dog Teddy for a walk in Glendover Park. We saw two cormorant birds fishing. Our neighbors almost all had pansies or marigolds planted. A plumbago shrub showed off red flowers. We dined on pork medallions and steamed asparagus. I spoke with my dad and my friend G. by phone. It was a good weekend. The rain is coming down now.

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