Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

carom! or is it "carrom"?

Today I caromed from assignment to assignment, accomplishing much. Tomorrow I will accomplish a great deal more. After the work was done, I headed to the local convention center, where a bbq in honor of our local Justice of the Peace was held. I was impressed by the huge attendance for the JP, a good fellow, and by the male quartet who sang "Down in the Valley" and "I'll Fly Away" a capella in perfect harmony. I am intrigued when I go to gatherings of primarily Republican folks, because although I am a fish out of water, I am not much of a demonizer of folks of the other party. I like that I am only slightly out of place wherever I go. I daydreamed about a Sunday morning I spent a Lake Lavon, improbably catching baby catfish, one by one by one.

I went to the Salvation Army for my monthly free legal clinic. I had not been for a while, because I had out of town business arise when the clinic was on, but I was glad to make it this time. I saw an old friend who now works for legal aid. I spoke with good people who, as ever, remind me how fortunate I am to have my life run on a more or less even keel.

I noted with surprising interest a curious minor LiveJournal slight that I usually would not think about, and yet comfortingly realized that such things occur for whatever reason about as often as they occur for a good reason. I pondered all the "good reasons", and finally just accepted that I am not able to divine others' thinking in every circumstance. It's not an easy revelation for me, as I like to think I can "read" well and truly, with a near-psychic accuracy. But it's fun to be human and sometimes mistaken. I used to revel in being told, after expressing my opinion, that "you're dead wrong", from time to time, and was always amused that many times I later proved to be dead right, but sometimes was in fact dead wrong. I like forthrightness, though, whether in the event the forthright person is dead right or dead wrong. But that's the curious catch, though--I love allusive elusiveness as well. That's why, I think, it's wrong to get too worked up about anything that happens in a medium without proper nuance and facial expression. I come to understand why 18th Century letters followed such an elaborate epistolary etiquette.

I won a game of blitz chess with a satisfying mating attack. I seem to slip on-line to play chess in more often than engage in conversation during this hectic time, but I think I am seeing that light at the end of the work tunnel that will permit me to turn my IMs back on, respond to my e mails better, and become a better LJ commenter.

Tomorrow I pick up the rest of that large eBay purchase of chess books. I am already concluding this was a wise move. I am selecting the subset of books I will auction off individually, so that I end up with a net improvement to my chess library at modest cost.

I listened to a good CD by an ambient-fringe-ish band called Effacer, which exceeded by some good bit the Deep Chill Network "Live at the Ambient Ping!" CD I listened to yesterday.

Saturday I hope for sunny weather and a bright attitude. I took a picture of pear tree on a cloudy day yesterday. The blooms will soon be gone.

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