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Polls and the thin white duke

I am an LJ poll hypocrite. I take them all the time
(each poll, by the way, tells me I'm Bjork), but on principle I never paste them into my journal. I just treasure what they say. I will share with you all, though, two non-cyber lo fi polls that are a good substitute for psychic readings. I will not require response, or discussion or cutting or pasting.

My polls are 2 personal theories of mine:
1. You can tell anything you need to know about a person by the order of preference in which they list the bands the Beatles, the Kinks, the Rolling Stones and the Who.
2. You can tell anything you need to know by the titles of their 3 favorite David Bowie songs. I probably also think you can match DNA and intimate compatibility by analyzing the top 5, but as a happily married non-policeman I'll limit this test to 3 songs.

Poll One: My order of preference is Kinks, Beatles,
Who and Rolling Stones. See? You now have me completely defined.

Poll Two: My favorite 3 Bowie songs are "Memories of a Free Festival", "Life on Mars", and "Warsawa". Again, assuming you know Bowie's repertoire, you now have me before you, all meaning laid bare.

Feel free to try this at home, in my comments section or to ignore it altogether. As with any mail art exchange, no juries, no returns, documentation to all.
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