Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

mix and match

Today I listened to Claire Fitch's second album, "Ambiencello II". Claire arranges her cello solos amidst softsynths, creating a pleasant ambience. I find her music quite interesting, and prefer the second disk to the first. The way the cello bow seems to cleave through gentle electronica is striking.

I found some recording freeware which can help me accomplish some of my further recording goals--having made a significant start on making MIDI sounds come out as Mp3s with the software I have, I now want to be able to mix things together, so that I can play properly by remixing others' songs.

I also found some chess publishing software that might assist with my goal of writing another booklet with chess diagrams. I have in mind a satiric chess book, an opening guide by the clueless for the clueless. The Free Internet Chess Server took up some of my attention tonight, as my rating climbed from purely abysmal to merely underachieving. eBay is offering all sorts of inexpensive auctions of chess books, which hold my attention (and sometimes my bidding interest). My chess is gradually coming around, and I'll enter a tournament before May is over.

Today I was trying to make critical media links among the things around me. For example, did the universe go all wrong after Buffy the Vampire Season Four, or did it hold out until Season Five? Why was Babylon Five's final season such a horror, when the prior two seasons were so redemptive? Why would the woman on American Idol with no range outside the lower register tackle a soaring Streisand song? I knew I should have gotten that on-line master's in media studies. I wonder if I am alone in thinking that Ted Mack ran a better amateur hour, because I'd rather hear an accordion play than a badly done Motown song. But I cannot dislike any talent show, however limited.

I liked the eBay auction of freeware recording software with the simple expedient of giving it a fancy name, the way the sky was just the right color blue, and staying in chart position 4 on the noise charts for three days' running.

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