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fixity of purpose

I want to get some stuff done this weekend. I've got pictures to hang at my office of framed stamps. I'm not a stamp collector, but some of those wildlife series really caught the eye. I've got a number of additional announcements of the work move to send out. I need to listen to some of those Mandatory Continuing Legal Education tapes. I really like to study law, and don't understand why I procrastinate listening to these tapes. Perhaps it's that lawyers as public speakers rarely interest me, and the tapes are usually just recorded seminars. If I had any computer skills, I'd write an animated MCLE program (the Classics Illustrated version), but the whole notion is a lot like "if I had a Dragon I'd have a shorter commute".

I want to get this really great photo I took enlarged for framing--it's a Spring shot of red-leafed Japanese maple, heavy foliage and a park bench being misted by a "generated fog" in the early morning. It's like something out of a fantasy novel or a novel where the characters talk a lot about really important stuff, between kisses.

The latest auction of my booklet again sold on ebay. Bad chess poetry lives. The current ad copy, which points out how bad the book is, is surprisingly effective. Although writing the ad is half the fun, I find myself merely changing the bit of "chess terminology" each auction, and running it largely as is. I mailed out a copy to an Arizona master who bought in a previous auction on yesterday. His e mail was so nice that I also sent him a corrugated plastic card with this really cool woodland scene photo attached that I took at Breckinridge Park some weeks ago when I was working up a scrapbook to send out as mail art.

I also put in some bids on ebay for many sundry things for a project I have in mind. I love the way that making numerous tiny bids on items can make one feel frugal, even though one is spending madly.

I know that personal journals are places where one is supposed to expostulate on page 357 of Swann's Way, but in fact I'm reading Maeve Binchy right now. Maeve Binchy, for those not among the grocery store reader elite, is the Irish writer who writes mildly soap-opera-ish popular family fiction. I think her best known work around here is "Circle of Friends", which they made into a Minnie Driver film some years ago. I am hesitant to admit that I enjoy what might be termed "women's magazine fiction" (I hate that term, though I use it a lot) from time to time, but I think that my masculinity will survive the admission. Scarlet Feather, for those who are interested, is a family and friends ensemble soap where life is writ large and lived large, yet the characters focus a lot on little day to day fairly petty things. Gee, that sounds like my life, and the life of all my friends. But although my life is filled with wonderful coincidences, Scarlet Feather has me beat in the "convenient coincidence" and "heartfelt speech" category. I don't think my friends and family and I make so many heartfelt speeches. When we do, ours are rarely so picturesque. Our speeches are more in Roddy Doyle territory.

I hate to over-use the word "need", but I really "need" a hike. A hike where I take a throwaway camera and snap away liberally and without thought. A hike where I stare at butterflies in binoculars, and think about everything. A hike where I reclaim whatever it is I have the claim check for, and further ponder why I write ridiculous stuff like this sentence. I hope I can get a good hike in today, and another in tomorrow.

I also want to send out more mail art, as well as a package or two. I signed up for two nervousness exchanges. I am always impressed when I read nervousness pages where the member has signed up for 2,000 land mail art objects, and offers to exchange hand-printed Bhavagad-Gitas on vellum bound in sixteen signatures a page, alternating gold and platinum thread, in return for a package of rice-a-roni.
Also, I like the way land mail art objects tend to park in midstream like really heavy semi trucks, being impossible to tow and too valuable to throw away. I've been waiting for one "in the mail" to arrive for what seems like months. Media mail is an amazingly unpredictable thing.

I got a really nice card from Aimee of postcardx yesterday. I always like what I get from that service.

I want to read up on how to make simple books. I printed out an article from a 1970s era Boys Life magazine on a simple way to do it. I am craft-impaired, but this might be fun to learn.

So much to do, and a weekend to do it in.
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